Open-minded individual with 9 years of extensive experience in machine/deep learning, advertising, recommendation system, knowledge graph and NLP. Keep track of state-of-art ML methods, solve real-world AI challenges and deliver member/product impacts.


Work Focus Recommendation System & Computational Advertising & Knowledge Graph & NLP & UGC Understanding

Big Data Tools Spark, Python, TensorFlow, Java, Scala, R, SQL, Hive, Docker, Kubernetes


LinkedIn, Mountain View, CA 2018-present

  • Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning
    • Currently develop a BERT-like application in a cross-entity recommendation system across LinkedIn marketplace/sales/talent platforms.
    • Currently apply deep learning on ads targeting, audience expansion, and budget forecasting, per- sonalization.
    • Built core machine/deep learning models for 800M+ members including lookalike audience, member characteristics inferring, internationalization (i18n) of our algorithms.
    • Innovated multi-dimensional embeddings of member profile and campaign facets in knowledge graph and career transition applying BERT/GNN/Two-tower model structures and improved downstream tasks like ads targeting and job/people recommendation.
    • Developed a universal end-to-end ML pipeline including entity/key phrase extraction, entity rank- ing/classification, pre-trained framework and inference of member attributes.
    • Collaborated with core data science team for online AB test, experiment design, feature engineering and opportunity exploration.


Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 2012-2018

  • Ph.D. & M.A. in Physics and M.S. in Biostatistics

Nanjing University, Nanjing, China 2008-2012

  • B.S. in Physics

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